After 2,500 years, the arguments were finished.

From galaxies to microscopic organisms, the evidence was unanimous for every object in the entire universe. And all of the evidence may be confirmed by anyone, anywhere, at any time. Every object in the universe was mega-designed, mega-originated, mega- engineered, and mega-managed by the only logical mega-candidate, GOD. Therefore, GOD was the scientific fact.

Anyone asked about snowflakes or fingerprints, and they will tell you that no two are alike. This principle held true for the entire universe.

The science that found no two snowflakes were the same found that no two objects in the entire universe were the same. Gaea, the 2,500 year old brainless superstitious support for evolution, could never have done it. For the task requiring omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence, and mega-management, the only logical candidate was GOD. And the evidence was consistently unanimous for the entire universe. GOD was the scientific fact.